SheaNetics 90 Day




A Values-Based Needs-Driven Personal Wellness System
Now – Sustainable Results Can Be Yours!*

Congratulations for taking the first step – by being here – it’s a big one! My SheaFit 90-Day Wellness Solution is your complete answer to looking, feeling and living great! Unlike most programs that only focus on meal plans or exercise, the SheaFit 90-Day Wellness Solution gives you all of this and so much more with guidance on nutrition and the mental and emotional tools you need to make the everlasting transformation you have always wanted. Your “Breakthrough” is here at last – the only mind-body makeover you will ever need!

My SheaFit 90-Day Wellness Solutiowas designed to be your day-by-day guide for the extent of the Program and as a lasting Lifestyle Solution. It’s a positive journey that starts with a great detox that helps cleanse and energize while introducing a meal plan that promotes preferential fat loss. But the Makeover secret is how you learn along the way to embrace the benefits of exercise and nutrition along with mental strength and emotional intelligence that will help you achieve a wellness lifestyle that is sustainable.

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